• Death Valley Scotty by Mabel

Produced  By DVNHA, 2012 reprint, by Bessie M. Johnson

Illustrations: Alden Austin

"Who was Mabel?" people will undoubtedly ask when they first see the cover of this book.  The small woman, who quietly followed along with the two "desert rats," Death Valley Scotty and her husband, Albert Johnson, was Johnson's wife Bessie, whom Scotty called "Mabel."

"Al and I have traveled with Scotty all over the mountains and deserts of Southern California and Nevada for nearly thirty years.  I suppose no woman knows Death Valley Scotty, his character and whims, better than I.  I have traveled with him and suffered with him in all kinds of weather and under all kinds of conditions, from one hundred and thirty-five degrees in the shade to ten degrees above zero, in wind-storm and sand-storm, in balmy air that the Elysian Shores could rival, and in whirlwind and cloudburst that seemed to rise out of Hell."

                                                                             -MABEL -- Bessie Johnson

Book Design and Typography: Kimber Moore Design, Digital Transcript and Image Pre-Press: Timothy Kendziorski, Coordination:  Maryann Argyres, DVNHA Executive Director, David Blacker. Printed by Dynagraphic Printing, Reno, NV.  Original book coordination: Esy Fields.  Special thanks to: Sue Buchel and Michael Lawrence.

Softbound  52 pages

Death Valley Scotty by Mabel

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