Cow Creek - Continued Improvements


DVNHA's program activities have been so successful that we needed to add restroom/shower facilities here in the Cow Creek area to help serve program volunteers and researchers. We partnered with San Jose State University to raise funds for this addition. SJSU designed and installed a sustainable Shower Restroom Addition (RSA) to one of our existing outbuildings. This project received approval from the National Park Service and can be used by various NPS...

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Preservation 50

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Death Valley National Park is celebrating 50 years of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) on October 15-16, 2016. There will be two days of talks, hands-on activities, atlatl throwing and field trips in celebration of the preservation of our historic sites! Download the pdfPreservation50_Festival Agenda/flyer.

The NHPA was signed into law on October 15th, 1966 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, creating compliance laws to protect our cultural resources, as well as the creation of...

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Explore Death Valley

The name Death Valley invokes a sense of fear and danger for many who travel here. In this hottest, driest, lowest place in North America, extreme heat and expanse characterize the landscape. Life has found a way to thrive despite the harsh conditions of the arid climate.


Death Valley National Park Hosts Death Valley Scotty Radio Play Fundraiser

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Metabolic Studio IOU Radio presented Death Valley Scotty a radio play at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center, January 30, 2016. About 80 people listened in on Death Valley Scotty, written by Ruth Woodman in 1931 and originally airing in 1955 in the Death Valley Days Series. Performers ranging from Bishop to Los Angeles read the play and performed live music and sound effects. We had a blast!

All proceeds of this event went to...

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Largest Flood Event Ever Recorded in Scotty's Castle Area


October 2015 brought a series of unusual storms through Death Valley National Park. Flash floods have destroyed significant portions of multiple roads and heavily damaged several historic structures at Scotty's Castle. On Sunday, October 18, a storm caused extensive flash flooding in the Scotty’s Castle area in northern Death Valley National Park.

If you'd like to help with the restoration efforsts you can contribute directly to the Scotty's Castle Preservation Fund or...

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DVNP Wildlife Monitoring Program


Death Valley National Park has placed remote activated cameras at two locations in Death Valley to capture images and information about bighorn sheep usage at these sites. The development of reliable and sophisticated (and for Death Valley, heat tolerant!) cameras has enabled the park's wildlife program to expand into long-term wildlife monitoring for a relatively low cost.

NPS is collecting information about sheep use of one spring area and another site. Death Valley National Park...

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